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Endure™ Sliding Patio White Interior With Internal Blinds Chase Impressions Rochester NY

Energy efficient and attractive

If you are replacing sliding glass doors, it’s likely because they no longer operate as well as they once did and don’t keep the heat or cold out as they should. Chase Impression's vinyl glass sliding doors are tested against the most stringent industry standards for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, and much more. This means you’ll have lower heating and air-conditioning costs, low maintenance and increased comfort.

At the same time, our sliding patio doors offer the opportunity to upgrade the entry to your outdoor living space, with glass options that make your door more visually appealing. Our BetterVue® fiberglass mesh screens provide an enhanced view, increased insect protection and improved airflow, while also shedding water and resisting dirt and grime.

With Chase Impression's vinyl patio slider doors, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that most patio door systems offered not only will look great and function well, they will be ENERGY STAR® certified, providing the optimum in energy efficiency.

brands of sliding glass doors


Aeris Sliding Glass Doors Chase Impressions Rochester NY
  • Wood-clad interior with low-maintenance, all-vinyl exterior
  • Pre-finished real Oak, Cherry, or Maple applied to the sash and frame interior
  • Several options for interior paint or stain finishes, as well as options for white or colored internal blinds


Endure Sliding Glass Doors Chase Impressions Rochester NY
  • All-vinyl construction
  • Double and triple-pane glass for peak energy efficiency
  • Interior laminated woodgrain finishes and exterior paint colors
  • Various glass options, including white or colored internal blinds


Aspect Sliding Glass Doors Chase Impressions Rochester NY
  • Patented water drainage system
  • Two, three and four-lite configurations, plus options for transoms and sidelites
  • Glass options to customize your door, including double or triple panes of glass, privacy glass, internal grids, or white internal blinds


Ecolite Sliding Glass Doors Chase Impressions Rochester NY
  • All-white interior and exterior sliding glass door
  • Available only as 2-panel unit
  • Low-maintenance, weather-resistant all-vinyl construction
  • Available with privacy or tinted glass and internal grids

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