How homeowners can earn tax credits for the installation of energy-efficient windows & doors.

At Chase Impressions, we offer a variety of energy-efficient windows and doors for installation in your home. Did you know that you can earn tax credits for these updates?

A part of the Inflation Reduction Act that passed in 2022, the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit (EEHIC) offers homeowners substantial tax improvements for qualifying energy updates to their homes. This includes, among others, insulation materials, exterior windows, and exterior doors that meet Energy Star requirements.

Starting January 1st 2023, the EEHIC credit will equal 30% of the costs for eligible home improvements made during that year with an up to $1,200 limit annually.
For windows & doors, some additional requirements apply:
      -Exterior doors: $250 per exterior door per taxpayer (up to $500 per year)
      -Exterior windows & skylights: $600 per taxpayer per year

Doors and windows have to meet ENERGY STAR requirements, be done in the US by the original homeowner and have to be on your primary residence (no rentals). All qualifying improvements must be intended on being used for at least five years. Additionally, this can only be applied to improvements made after January 1st, 2023 up until December 31st, 2032.

For additional questions or details on our products and how they apply, call us at 585-667-4268 or fill out a form on our contact us page.

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